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Unrivalled sample collection in the UK

Our network of clinics and mobile sample collection services has grown since 2005. From 23 DNA Clinics, we now have over 100 locations where you can have your samples collected across the UK. As a result, we provide unrivalled convenience when it comes to appointments. Furthermore, we can normally book you in at short notice, providing even greater flexibility.

To help you find your nearest clinic or mobile sample collection service, you can use the search location tool below. This will enable you to get a good idea of the travelling involved to a clinic. Alternatively, if the distance is too far to travel to a clinic, we can arrange an on-site visit. This can be to your location. For example, your home or workplace. In addition, we carry out extensive on-site workplace drug testing for organisations across the UK.


How does the search location tool work?

Simply enter your city/town or postcode. Then, enter your search radius. Also, you can limit the number of results you want to see using the drop down menu. In addition, you then have the option of choosing the type of sample collection service you want to use. For example, if you needed a drug test for Network Rail, you could check the ‘RISQS Collector’ box. Or, if you need a blood sample collecting for an alcohol test, you could just check the ‘Blood Collector’ box.

Once you have entered the search details, the map will zoom to your part of the country. The sample collection location results will show as markers on the map. Also, the list on the left of the map will provide details such as the address of the location. In addition, if you click on the location title, this will take you to a page telling you a bit about the services offered there.

Also, you will notice some letters after the location name. This provides some handy information to both you and our Clinical Advisors. As such, it tells us exactly what services are offered at the sample collection location. Please see the key below for an explanation of what each of these mean.


Sample Collection Key:

Finally, if you find a location suitable for you, please have this information handy when you call to book. It will help us to arrange your sample collection appointment as quickly as possible.