Image of Cannabis' effects.

Metal detectorists spiked with space cakes

An act of ‘random lunacy’ put a group of Metal detectorists at serious risk. They were taken to hospital after unknowingly eating cakes apparently spiked with cannabis. In total, thirteen men and women fell ill after eating the cakes.

A spokesperson for the group said “People could have died. It was lucky that no children or people on medication with serious health problems ate the cake.”

Cannabis can have a powerful effect on individuals who have not taken the drug before. Those with underlying medical conditions are more at risk as the drug increases heart rate.

This incident shows that although some people think cannabis should be legalised, it is still a potent drug that can cause considerable harm to health.

The editor of Treasure Hunting Magazine commented “I think it was an irresponsible, poorly thought-through joke.” He also went on to say that the cakes were homemade, and had not been sold.

A 48-year-old woman from County Durham has been arrested and bailed.

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