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Pre-Employment Drug Testing

A lot of our business clients drug and alcohol test prospective employees. This is an integral part of their drug and alcohol policy and recruitment process. It conveys two important messages.

First, the organisation is serious about health and safety in the workplace. Second, this acts as a strong deterrent for drug or alcohol misuse in the workplace. Also, an ongoing random testing programme can help reinforce this culture.

A popular drug test for this purpose is the urine laboratory analysis. This provides an average drug detection window of around four to five days. Analysis is undertaken in our UKAS 17025 accredited laboratory. We can also test for alcohol misuse as part of the urine test or use a breathalyser. You can use the laboratory results to take disciplinary actions in line with you policy.

Another popular choice for safety critical positions is the Hair Drug Test. This provides a much longer detection window for drugs, dependant on the length of head hair. Again, it is an accredited laboratory test to UKAS 17025.

For both options, you can make a clinic appointment, or we can provide on-site services. We have over 100 clinic and mobile services throughout the UK. We provide this service to several overseas companies who recruit from the UK. Also, we have several major energy and utility organisations who use this service. They prefer the flexibility in appointment options we provide.

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