DNA Testing

Accredited UK DNA testing services providing the answers you need

Since 2005, DNA Clinics have been providing clinical services in the UK. During this time, the service has evolved to meet the precise needs of the Test participants. As a result, we provide one of the most trusted genetic relationship services in the country. So much so that we are the only company to sell tests with Boots.

A dedicated Case Manager throughout the process

We will help you choose the right DNA test that will provide the answers you need. Your Case Manager is on hand to provide support and advice during and after. Also, our Case Managers all have a Medical Science background. As a result, we can assure you of the best possible advice and answer any technical questions you may have.

A test for all circumstances

We offer a comprehensive set of tests. Ranging from Paternity Tests for personal reasons, to Sibling Tests for legal purposes. These include:

  • Paternity Test – to establish the biological father of a child
  • Maternity Test – to establish the biological mother of a child
  • Sibling Test – to determine whether siblings are full, half or unrelated
  • Grandparent Test – to establish the biological grandparents of a grandchild

Also, Sibling and Grandparent tests can establish the paternity of a child in an indirect way.

Choice of legal or personal information

Our accredited *Legal DNA Testing service is available for a range of purposes. This includes immigration, child custody / maintenance and disputed Wills. Or, we offer peace of mind DNA tests for personal use only. This is a convenient and inexpensive option if a test is not required for legal purposes.
*Except section 20 court directed cases.

Wide range of collection options including DNA Clinics and self-collection kits

We are the only company providing clinic-based appointments for peace of mind DNA tests. This provides a clinical and professional environment. As a result, you can feel confident about the collection of your DNA samples. Or, our Home kits are a quick and convenient way for you to collect your own samples. They’re easy to use and use painless mouth swabs. Home DNA testing kits can be ordered on-line here.
Also, you can buy the official DNA Clinics Boots Paternity Test on-line from Boots.com

Local DNA Clinics and mobile sample collectors throughout the UK

For your convenience, we have a vast network of local DNA Clinics throughout the UK. As a result, we can provide appointments for you within easy travelling distance. Or, we can arrange for a mobile sample collector to visit you at home or another convenient location. Beware of companies claiming to have testing clinics in the UK. Several companies list GP surgeries and hospitals as their own ‘walk in clinics’. This is not the case and is detrimental to the ethical approach that must be in place for this service.

Transparent prices

The prices on our main DNA Testing Clinics website include:

  • Appointment co-ordination
  • Case Management and Administration
  • Sample collection
  • ISO 17025 Laboratory analysis
  • Results package by email or post

Crystal Health will not charge you extra for sample collection or test reports. Beware of cheaper advertised prices from other providers. You may have to pay extra for sample collection and test reports. Your samples may also go to unregulated countries for testing in non-accredited laboratories.

The most accurate DNA tests available

We analyse 20 DNA locations as standard for paternity DNA tests. Other testing companies will only analyse 16 as standard. This makes their tests less accurate and vulnerable to inconclusive results. As an example, we provide non-legal paternity testing, analysing 20 DNA locations. This costs from only £119 for 3 test participants – alleged father, mother and child.

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories

UKAS 17025 Laboratory facilities perform the analysis for testing. This ensures that all testing follows strict chain of custody and laboratory standards.

Fast DNA test results

We provide all results within 3-5 working days from receipt of your samples at the laboratory. Only the most complex DNA tests take longer due to the nature of the analysis.

Easy to understand results package

Our comprehensive test results package is easy to understand. We explain your results in simple terms. Also, we include information about the science behind the tests.

For Legal DNA testing, we provide photographic evidence with every results package. We are one of the only providers to do this. So, you do not have to request the photographic identification incurring extra cost.

Ongoing support

We commit to provide ethical services. As a result, post-test counselling services are available at selected DNA Clinics. We understand the anxiety and emotion involved in the process. In certain circumstances, there may be a need for support depending on the DNA Test result. This extra service will incur other charges on top of the prices advertised.