DNA Testing

Accredited DNA testing services providing the answers you need

We have been developing and fine tuning the DNA testing service since DNA Clinics was founded in 2005. As a result, the service has evolved to be based on the precise needs of the test participants. Confidentiality, trust and providing the answer to the question you are looking to resolve.

A dedicated case manager throughout the testing process.

Helping you choose the right DNA test that will provide the answers you need. Your case manager is on hand to provide support and advice during and after your DNA test with Crystal Health.

We have a DNA relationship test for all circumstances.

From peace of mind paternity tests to complex relationship DNA testing for legal purposes, we offer an unrivalled choice of DNA tests to suit any situation.

Choice of legal and personal information DNA tests.

Our *legal DNA testing service is fully accredited and can be used for a range of purposes including immigration, child custody / maintenance and disputed Wills. Alternatively, we offer non-legal DNA tests for personal use only. This is a convenient and inexpensive option if a DNA test is not required for legal purposes.

*Except section 20 court directed cases.

Wide range of collection options including DNA Clinics and self-collection kits.

Crystal Health is the only DNA testing company that provides clinic based appointments for non-legal DNA tests. This provides a clinical and professional environment where clients can feel confident about the collection of their DNA samples. Alternatively, our DNA Home kits are a quick and convenient way for you to collect your own DNA samples using straightforward and painless mouth swabs. Home DNA testing kits can be ordered on-line here.

In addition, you can purchase the official DNA Clinics Boots Paternity Test on-line from Boots.com

Local DNA Clinics and mobile sample collectors throughout the UK.

For your convenience, Crystal Health has a vast network of local DNA Clinics throughout the UK. This means we can provide appointments for you quickly and within easy travelling distance. Alternatively, we can arrange for one of our mobile sample collectors to visit you at home or another convenient location to collect your DNA samples.

Beware of DNA testing companies claiming to have testing clinics in the UK. We are aware of several companies who list GP surgeries and hospitals as their own 'walk in clinics', this is not the case and is detrimental to the ethical approach that must be in place for DNA testing services.

Fully transparent prices.

The prices for DNA testing advertised on our main DNA Testing Clinics website include:

  • Appointment co-ordination
  • Case Management and Administration
  • Sample collection
  • ISO 17025 Laboratory analysis
  • DNA test results package by email or post.

We do provide additional extras that are listed separately. However, Crystal Health will not charge you extra for sample collection or test reports.

Beware of cheaper advertised prices for DNA testing.
You may have to pay an addition of sample collection and test reports.
Your samples may also be sent to unregulated countries for testing in non-accredited laboratories.

The most accurate DNA tests available.

As standard, Crystal Health will analyse 20 DNA locations as a minimum for paternity DNA tests. Other testing companies will only analyse 16 as standard, making their tests less accurate and vulnerable to inconclusive results. As an example, we provide non-legal paternity testing, analysing 20 DNA locations from just £119 for 3 test participants - alleged father, mother and child.

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories.

Crystal Health has highly accredited laboratory facilities to perform the analysis for DNA testing. As we are a leading provider of DNA tests in the UK, the company is in a strong position to choose only the best and most advanced facilities available. All Laboratory facilities are accredited to ISO 17025 standards.

Fast test results.

In conjunction with the most accurate DNA tests available, Crystal Health can turnaround almost all results within 5 working days from receipt of your samples at the laboratory. Only the most complex DNA tests take longer due to the nature of the analysis.

Easy to understand results package

We have listened to feedback from our clients and developed a comprehensive and easy to understand your DNA test results package. Your results are explained in simple terms and we also include information about the science behind the DNA test for those interested!

For legal DNA testing, we provide photographic evidence as standard with every results package. We are one of the only DNA testing companies to do this, which means clients do not have to request the photographic identification incurring additional cost.

Ongoing support.

As part of Crystal Health’s commitment to provide ethical DNA testing services, we provide post-test counselling services at selected DNA Clinics. We understand the anxiety and emotion involved in the process, we recognise that support may be required depending on the DNA test results. This is an additional service and will incur other charges other than the DNA test prices advertised.

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