Southsea, Portsmouth Clinic – PPO40

Appointments at the Southsea, Portsmouth Clinic

The following services are available at the Southsea, Portsmouth Clinic:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • DNA Testing

Appointments can also be made for a trained sample collection officer to visit you at your home, at a workplace, or other location in the Southsea, Portsmouth area that is convenient to you.

All collection services are certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001, ensuring that strict chain of custody protocols are maintained. In addition and for your convenience, Crystal Health Group also provide Home Testing kits. The Home drug testing kit can be ordered here and you can also order one of our DNA Paternity Test kits from Boots from


Drug & Alcohol Testing

The Southsea, Portsmouth Drug Testing Clinic provides drug testing services to individuals, organisations (workplace drug testing), social services and the legal sector. The following Drug Test services are available at the clinic:

  • Instant Point of Care drug and alcohol screening – used in random workplace and pre-employment drug testing.
  • Legally defensible urine Laboratory and Confirmation Testing – used in random workplace, pre-employment drug testing and to prove abstinence.
  • Hair drug testing – to prove abstinence from drugs or alcohol.


DNA Testing

The Southsea, Portsmouth DNA Testing Clinic provides DNA Testing services to individuals, social services and the legal sector. The following DNA Test services are available at the clinic:

  • Paternity DNA Testing
  • Maternity DNA Testing
  • Sibling DNA Testing
  • Grandparent DNA Testing
  • Avuncular DNA Testing

The DNA tests listed can be used for legal purposes (Family court or immigration cases) or for your personal information only (peace of mind).

Please call 0800 988 7107 to check availability and book your appointment at the Southsea, Portsmouth Clinic. You will be put through to a qualified Clinical Advisor at our Manchester head office who will guide you through the testing and appointment options available to you.

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