Support Services

We provide several post-testing services. In addition to telephone support and advice, we offer the following:

  • DNA test counselling at selected DNA Clinics
  • Expert witness statements for hair drug and alcohol testing
  • A Medical review service to confirm positive drug confirmation results

DNA test counselling at selected DNA Clinics

Since the launch of DNA Clinics in 2005, we have been proud to offer this service. We understand how stressful and anxious this process can be. In addition, the fallout from the results of a DNA test may a detrimental impact on existing family relationships.

As a result, from the outset of the DNA testing service, we ensured that post-testing counselling support was in place. Available at selected DNA Clinics, this is a confidential service that aims to manage any issues that may arise from receiving a set of DNA results. For example, there are circumstances where a strong family relationship has been formed. However, on undertaking a DNA test, it has been proved that a biological relationship does not exist. As such, we believe that counselling is an integral part of the DNA testing process.

This service is directly provided by the clinic. If you require this service, we will refer you to your chosen clinic. The clinic will charge any additional fees for counselling directly.

Call and speak to one of our team today to discuss your options.


Expert Witness Statements

This service is associated with hair drug and alcohol testing results. An Expert Witness Statement can provide further detail around the circumstances of a given result. For example, this could provide an additional explanation showing the reduction of use of drugs or alcohol, despite a result being positive. Furthermore, an Expert Witness Statement is useful for court ordered hair drug and alcohol tests.

You can discuss this additional service and costs with your Case Manager when ordering your test.


Medical Review Service

We perform the Medical Review using a qualified occupational physician or Medical Review Officer (MRO). The MRO will review the results of a drug or alcohol test. Next, they may speak to a test donor to understand any specific circumstances surrounding the results. After reviewing all the facts, the MRO will confirm the result of the test and may provide further recommendations. This service is mandatory for Network Rail drug and alcohol testing. However, it is useful in all situations when there is uncertainty surrounding a drug or alcohol test result due to prescribed medication.

We can provide this service at an additional cost. If required, your Case Manager can provide further detail about this service.


General Support and Advice

We pride ourselves on our customer service. This includes providing the best possible advice and support. This starts at the beginning of the testing process by helping you choose the right test for your circumstances. Right through to any questions you have about your test results.