When to use the Workplace Medical

Workplace Medicals are a mandatory requirement in many industries. As a result, the safety of each employee and those around them is extremely important. For example, to ensure that any potential employees are suitable for the task(s) required of them, Pre-employment Workplace Medicals are available. Whereas, periodic medicals are in place available to ensure safety standards are maintained at all times.

Industry specific Workplace Medicals

Rail and Underground – Prices starting from £120

Workplace Medicals are required for those working on the railway as specified by the Rail Safety and Standards Board

As a result, our services are fully compliant and RISQS approved with medical fitness requirements. Furthermore, we produce all certification promptly, with a of 3-4 working days lead time. Finally, Sentinel is updated with the results or if non-Sentinel, the results are emailed to you.

For example, the range of rail medical assessments we offer include:

  • Network Rail competency specific (PTS – Sentinel)
  • Network Rail competency specific (non-Sentinel)
  • Train movement medical (with physician)
  • Train driver medical (with physician)

London Underground – Prices starting from £160

London Underground operates a continual programme of Workplace Medicals and training as part of its on-going commitment to the highest standards of safety. As a result, staff who have critical duties on or about the track must not suffer from any condition. This includes certain disabilities or taking treatment which may affect their own safety or that of others.

For example, the range of LUL medical assessments we offer include:

  • Basic track awareness
  • Depot track awareness
  • Individual working alone (IWA)
  • Protection master
  • Protecting workers on engineering hours (PWT-EH)

Construction – Constructing Better Health (CBH) – Prices starting from £50

To help the construction industry achieve a fit and healthy workforce, CBH is a non-profit membership scheme.

For example, the range of CBH medical assessments we offer include:

  • Medical C: Safety Critical Workers
  • Medical R: General health/lifestyle assessment
  • Pre-placement questionnaire

In addition, we are also able to offer other types of medicals such as:

  • Working at height
  • Working in confined spaces
  • HAVS assessments

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