Workplace Medical costs and appointments

Workplace Medical Assessment Cost

The Workplace Medical Assessment cost is dependent on your requirements. Each workplace has a different standard to adhere to. For example, Working at Height or PTS Network Rail Medicals. Therefore, each medical is performed to various standards, and the cost reflects this.

As an example, please see below the cost of one individual booking for some of the most popular medical assessments we offer:

  • CBH Safety Critical Workers Medical – £210
  • PTS for Sentinel Medical – £125
  • Rail Standard Non-Sentinel Medical – £120
  • Working at Height Medical – £175
  • Working in Confined Spaces Medical – £175

In addition, the Workplace Medical Assessment cost quoted above do not include VAT. Furthermore, dependant on the Medical chosen, zero rated VAT may apply.

Workplace Medical Appointments

We have nationwide medical centres throughout the UK where you can book an appointment. Our Clinical Advisors will determine the nearest centre to you and guide you through the entire booking, appointment and assessment process and will answer any questions you may have. In addition, if you require just a drug and alcohol test, these can be booked at one of our many Drug Testing Clinics. Furthermore, mobile collection officers can perform on-site testing if this is more convenient.

To find out more about workplace medical assessment and to find the closest clinic location we have to your area, please call us on 0800 988 7107.

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