Worried about your Paternity DNA Test Results from Overseas Companies?

We have received a significant number of calls from distressed individuals recently, regarding Paternity DNA test results provided by companies operating outside the UK.

In one example, a Canadian company performed a paternity DNA test for a family in the UK. The biological mother received a laboratory report stating that the alleged father was the biological father of the child. This test was performed in January 2017.

The mother had her doubts of the validity of the test and wanted to double check the result. She ordered a Paternity DNA Test Kit from Boots for her own peace of mind. The result came back as a negative result i.e. the alleged father was excluded as the biological father.

As a result, this has had massive implications for the family. The child had formed a relationship with the alleged father and his relations. The mother approached the Canadian DNA test company for an explanation, they immediately stated they would issue a refund but, have not yet issued one. This obviously puts in doubt the accuracy of the results and indeed the validity of the testing company. Additionally, Crystal Health Group were sent a copy of the testing report. We could find no evidence of the requested analysis taking place from the data presented.

While the price of a DNA test can be considerably cheaper from companies and laboratories operating outside of the UK, there is a reason for this. They are normally not accredited and are not subject to the same strict standards and conditions imposed on UK companies.

How can we help?

So, always consider the implications of using a cheap overseas DNA Test provider, there is limited or no post test support. The consequences of an incorrect result can have a catastrophic affect on families and children.

Furthermore, if you have any concerns regarding the validity of your DNA test from an overseas provider, we would always recommend having a peace of mind DNA test performed by a UK laboratory to confirm the accuracy of the results.

In conclusion, the simplest way to do this through Crystal Health Group is to order a Peace of Mind Paternity DNA Test Kit from Boots. The test is performed in the UK and is UKAS 17025 accredited.

Update on the example provided in this blog – 06/04/2018
Contact between the company in question and the client has ceased, the company are currently ignoring all calls from the client and have still not issued the full refund.

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