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About Us

The original company was founded in 2005 by Nichola McChrystal, who pioneered the concept of DNA Clinics.

We became the first in the industry to offer ethical DNA Testing and provide face to face appointments through a network of DNA Clinics.

Crystal Health Group now specialises in delivering DNA, drug and alcohol testing services, including occupational health services, such as workplace medicals. In addition, our network of sample collection has grown to more than 100 locations throughout the UK. The head office is based in Manchester, where all tests and medicals are coordinated from, including the laboratory analysis and sample collection appointments.

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About Crystal Health Group


Nichola is still very much involved in the development of Crystal Health Group. Also, she continues to provide expert advice and support to clients. For example, she provides evidence at employment tribunals, representing both employees and employers. Her knowledge and experience provided vital testimony in one particular case. As a result, this led to a successful outcome for the employee. Nichola has also arranged DNA Testing for long lost families. This was featured on a BBC documentary called ‘Family Finders’.

Her work in this area and continued business success have not gone unnoticed. This came in the form of an award in 2014 for ‘Women in Business Young Entrepreneur of the Year’. Nichola went on to dedicate the award to her Mum and Nan.

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About Crystal Health Group


We believe that strong values define our business. This provides us with a robust plan to achieve our aims.

As a result, we have introduced a set of ‘Values and Behaviours’. These describe the professional behaviours we expect from our employees.

Our senior management team and employees developed this concept. As such, they form an integral part of the framework we use to recruit and retain our staff. We then continually develop our employees by assessing and rewarding their performance.

Client engagement

About Crystal Health Group

Client Engagement

Engagement with our clients is key for establishing lasting and healthy business relationships. Feedback and experience has provided us with an insight into the things that are important to you, these include:

  • Minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Compliance to GDPR and robust chain of custody procedures.
  • Achieving the required accreditation to produce court admissible test reports.
  • An effective appointment process, providing local coverage throughout the UK.

Our aims

At Crystal Health Group, we aim to provide convenience, confidence and support to all our clients in all that we do. We will achieve this by:


Maintaining a comprehensive network of local clinics and mobile sample collection services across the UK. In addition, we will continually identify any gaps in our network and endeavour to cover these where possible.


We will maintain the high standards we have achieved through our ISO certification and industry specific accreditation, such as RISQS. In addition, we commit to complying with GDPR through our data protection registration and the collection of biological samples in adherence to the Human Tissue Act 2004. Finally, through our culture of continuous improvement, we continue to achieve excellence by working with new accreditation bodies in the occupational health sector.


We commit to providing post-testing support at Crystal Health Group. For example, counselling services at selected clinics, expert witness and medical review services. In addition, our Clinical Advisor team have the scientific knowledge and experience to provide on-going advice post test and medical results.

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Why choose Crystal Health Group?


Our commitment to quality, protecting your personal data and the environment, means you can be confident in our testing service.

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