Workplace Medicals

We offer an extensive range of workplace medicals for industry. As a result, this will ensure you can meet the requirements of current health and safety standards.

We offer Industry specific medical assessments including Network Rail (RISQS) standards. For example, the PTS Rail Medical. In addition, this includes London Underground (LUL) and Safety Critical Workers. Also, Medical assessments ensure compliance to high standards of safety in the workplace. Furthermore, these are crucial for those performing safety critical tasks in high-risk areas.

Workplace Medicals also ensure that the workforce is of a fit and healthy standard. As a result, this reduces the risk of a work-related illness or injury and increases productivity. The lead time for all medical assessment certificates is 3-5 working days.

What happens at a workplace medical?

During each appointment all or some of the below take place. However, this depends on the medical assessment required.

Distance Vision, Colour Vision, Confrontation (visual fields), Hearing, General Health, Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate, Urinalysis, Balance and Mobility, Height and Weight, BMI, Respiratory (peak flow) and Chester Step.

Also, if you are unsure of the type of workplace medical you need, please ask us when you call, and we can talk you through the different types available. For example, we talk about the most common industry specific medicals below.


Industry specific Workplace Medicals

Workplace Medicals are a mandatory need in many industries. As a result, the safety of each employee and those around them is important. For example, Pre-employment Medicals ensure that potential employees are suitable for the role. In addition, periodic medicals are also available to ensure ongoing compliance with safety standards.


Rail and Underground

Workplace Medicals are a requirement for those working on the railway. This is as specified by the Rail Safety and Standards Board.

For example, the range of rail medical assessments we offer include:

  • Network Rail competency specific (PTS – Sentinel)
  • Network Rail competency specific (non-Sentinel)
  • Train movement medical (with physician)
  • Train driver medical (with physician)

In addition, we are compliant and RISQS approved with medical fitness requirements. Furthermore, we produce all certification within a of 3-4 working days lead time. Finally, we upload results to Sentinel. Or, if non-Sentinel, we send the results by email.


London Underground

London Underground operates a continual programme of Workplace Medicals and training. This is part of its ongoing commitment to the highest standards of safety. As a result, staff who have critical duties on or about the track must not suffer from any condition. This includes certain disabilities. Or, medical treatment which may affect their own safety or that of others.

For example, the range of LUL medical assessments we offer include:

  • Basic track awareness
  • Depot track awareness
  • Individual working alone (IWA)
  • Protection master
  • Protecting workers on engineering hours (PWT-EH)


Safety Critical Medical

Although primarily associated with the construction industry, we perform safety critical medicals across a range of industries.

The Safety Critical Medical will typically include:

  • Health Assessment / Medical
  • Fitness for Task Assessment
  • Pre-placement questionnaire

We are also able to offer other types of medicals such as:

  • Working at height
  • Working in confined spaces
  • HAVS assessments


Workplace Medical Costs

The Workplace Medical cost is dependent on your requirements. Each workplace has a different standard to adhere to. For example, Working at Height or PTS Network Rail Medicals. So, each medical is undertaken to various standards, and the cost reflects this.

For example, please see below the cost of one individual booking. This is for some of the most popular assessments we offer:

  • Safety Critical Workers Medical, from £160
  • PTS for Sentinel Medical, from £125
  • Rail Standard Non-Sentinel Medical, from £125
  • Working at Height Medical, from £250
  • Working in Confined Spaces Medical, from £200

Costs are exclusive of VAT.


Workplace Medical Appointments

We have nationwide medical centres throughout the UK. Appointments are available usually within a couple of days. Our team will determine the nearest centre to you and guide you through the entire booking. Also, they will answer any technical questions you may have. In addition, if you need a drug and alcohol test, these can be undertaken at one of our many Drug Testing Clinics. Furthermore, mobile collection officers can perform on-site testing if this is more convenient.

To find out more about our Workplace Medical costs and your nearest location, please call us on 0800 988 7107.


Why choose Crystal Health Group for your workplace medical?

We work closely with our partners to provide an extensive range of workplace medical services. In addition, you will also receive the following benefits:


A dedicated Case Manager throughout the process

We will help you choose the right workplace medical for your needs. Your Case Manager is on hand to provide support and advice during and after. Also, our Case Managers all have a Medical Science background. Also, some are certified Occupational Health Technicians. As a result, they can provide answers to any technical questions you have.


Local Medical Centres and on-site collection options throughout the UK

For your convenience, we have a network of Medical Centres throughout the UK. As a result, we can provide appointments for you within easy travelling distance. Or, we can arrange for a Occupational Health Technician to visit your workplace.


Transparent workplace medical prices

All prices include the following as standard:

  • Appointment co-ordination
  • Case Management and Administration
  • Medical Assessment
  • Secure results package by email
  • Optional drug and alcohol testing


Ongoing support

We commit to provide ethical services. If the results of your workplace medical require GP referral, we will ensure you are always kept in the loop. This includes any additional information we require to issue a fit for work pass.