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Blood alcohol testing

Blood alcohol testing is usually performed with a hair alcohol test. This provides a good overview for an individual’s alcohol consumption. As a result, it is the preferred option for UK courts in legal matters to prove abstinence from alcohol. All laboratory reports for blood alcohol testing are UKAS 17025 accredited and therefore court admissible.

Blood alcohol testing

How does blood alcohol testing work?

The blood alcohol test provides two laboratory reports, detailing three types of analysis.

The first report is a haematology report, also known as a Full Blood Count. This includes a Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) analysis. This measures the volume of the red blood cells, to indicate a person’s alcohol intake.

Next, we produce a biochemistry report which includes the Liver Function Test (LFT) and Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT) analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a blood alcohol test be used?

The gold standard for blood alcohol testing, is to undertake the test in conjunction with hair alcohol analysis. As we are analysing markers in the blood associated with alcohol use, the combination of the two, provides the best overview of short and longer-term alcohol consumption. In addition, the blood alcohol test can provide evidence when a false positive or negative hair alcohol result is produced.

If you have decided to proceed with a hair alcohol test or blood alcohol test with us, please see the latest important information regarding these tests here.

What are the limitations of the blood alcohol test?

The CDT analysis can be affected by a genetic mutation. However, this is rare. Also, liver disease or damage can falsely elevate CDT and liver function.

What are the time frames for blood alcohol testing?

The CDT detection window covers approximately 2 weeks prior to collection of the blood sample. The MCV analysis does not have an associated time frame, as it evaluates markers associated with long term chronic alcohol use.

What is the cost of blood alcohol testing?

The cost of the standard blood alcohol test in isolation is £230 incl. VAT. However, we do not advise this. As stated, a hair alcohol test should also be undertaken. The cost of both in combination starts from £500 incl. VAT.

Local drug testing clinics, and mobile locations throughout the UK

For your convenience, we have a network of drug testing clinics throughout the UK. As a result, we can provide drug and alcohol test appointments for you in your local area. Or we can arrange for a certified sample collection officer to visit your home, workplace, or other location.