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DNA Relationship Testing

We have been providing DNA testing in the UK since 2005. Our DNA Clinics brand is one of the most trusted in the UK, and our paternity testing kits are sold with Boots. As a result, in partnership with DNA Clinics and Boots, we can provide you with unrivalled options for your chosen DNA test.

DNA Paternity Testing

The DNA testing process is simple

  • First, we will help you choose the right test for your situation. For example, a paternity test.
  • We will then advise you on whether an appointment or self-collection kit is the most suitable.
  • Once we have your samples, testing is undertaken by a UKAS 17025 accredited laboratory.
  • Finally, we will send you your DNA test results in full compliance with GDPR requirements.

What DNA Tests are available?

Types of DNA Tests
  • A paternity test is used to establish the biological father of a child. Also, paternity tests are available for both legal and peace of mind purposes.
  • A maternity test is used to establish the biological mother of a child. In addition, legal and peace of mind options are available for this test.
  • The sibling test establishes a biological relationship between potential siblings. This includes whether they could be full or half siblings, or unrelated.
  • The grandparent test can determine the biological grandparents of a child. We can perform single or duo grandparent testing to improve accuracy.
  • Twin DNA testing, or Zygosity testing, is a type of test to determine if twins are identical or not.
  • Uncle DNA testing, also know as ‘Avuncular testing’. This test establishes a biological relationship between a potential uncle and niece/nephew.
  • Aunt DNA testing is another form of Avuncular test. It can determine a possible biological relationship between an aunt and a niece/nephew.
Choice of legal DNA testing or personal information DNA Tests

Our accredited *legal DNA test service is available for a range of purposes. This includes immigration, child custody / maintenance and disputed wills. Or we can offer peace of mind testing DNA testing for personal use only. This is a convenient and inexpensive option if a test is not required for legal purposes.

*Except section 20 court directed cases.

A dedicated Case Manager throughout your DNA test

We will help you choose the right test that will provide the answers you need. Your Case Manager is on hand to provide support and advice during and after your test. Also, our team have a medical science background. As a result, we can assure you of the best possible advice and answer any technical questions you have.

A wide range of collection options including DNA Testing Clinics and Home DNA test kits

We are the only company offering clinic-based appointments for peace of mind DNA tests, provinding a clinical and professional environment. As a result, you can feel confident about the collection of your DNA samples. Alternatively, our home DNA kits are a quick and convenient way for you to collect your own samples. They are easy to use and only require a painless mouth swab. Home kits can be ordered on-line, or you can buy the DNA Clinics Boots Paternity Test from You can view examples of our DNA testing prices here.

Local DNA Clinics, and mobile locations throughout the UK

For your convenience, we have a network of DNA Clinics throughout the UK. As a result, we can provide DNA test appointments for you in your local area. Alternatively, we can arrange for a certified sample collection officer to visit your home or other convenient location of your choice.

DNA Clinics DNA Testing

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Our commitment to quality, protecting your personal data and the environment, means you can be confident in our DNA testing service.

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