Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing our bit for the Community and the Environment

We believe in going about our business in an ethical and responsible way. Our ethical approach has been part of our culture since DNA Clinics was founded back in 2005. Our CSR approach has taken longer to develop as we have grown the business over the years. We now like to think we are doing our bit for the community and environment! Here’s some of the things we have been up to in recent years…

Salford Fibromyalgia Support Group

Salford Fibromyalgia Support Group Logo
This support group is close to our hearts and our nominated charity. We have helped raise over £2000 from charity bike rides since 2015. Company staff have ridden almost 600 miles by completing the coast to coast ‘Way of the Roses’ ride from Morecambe to Bridlington and a Scottish Highlands adventure from Inverness to John O Groats, including a loop of Orkney!

Charity Work

Our staff also enjoy getting involved in fund raising events for good causes such as Comic Relief.


Crystal Health actively employ apprentices. Two have gone on to full time employment with the company in highly technical positions.

We strongly believe in investing in our young people and providing them with the key skills and experience for them to go on and have successful careers.

Local Recruitment

The company has always recruited locally from Salford and surrounding areas for roles based at the head office.

There is rich talent of skills within the Northwest of England and Crystal Health have recruited post graduates from local Universities in Manchester and Liverpool.

Women in Business

Director Nichola Lawton is a strong advocate of The Women’s Organisation to promote and empower women in business. Her involvement includes providing business advice and inspiring women to become entrepreneurs.


Crystal Health maintain and comply with an Environmental Management System, with certification and audit to ISO 14001. The company has a minimum impact on the environment and closely monitors energy, material and fuel usage. We also strive to source materials from sustainable resources, further reducing our impact on the environment.

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