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Who are DNA Clinics?

DNA Clinics was originally founded by Nichola McChrystal in 2005. It is the original and ethical concept of face-to-face consultation, counselling, and support for DNA testing.

Who are DNA Clinics

DNA testing results can change lives

When Nichola first setup DNA Clinics back in 2005, her aim was to tackle the lack of post testing support in place for DNA testing at the time. In addition, the collection of samples for DNA testing was performed through mail order only. As a result, this further compounded the facelessness of the whole DNA testing process.

Starting with 23 DNA clinics in major towns and cities around the UK, Nichola shook up the DNA testing industry. Each clinic had trained counsellors and offered face to face appointments for the collection of mouth swabs for DNA testing. We now have more than 100 locations around the UK that our clients can attend to have their DNA test samples collected.

A genuine network of DNA Clinics

Many of our competitors have attempted to copy the DNA Clinics model without success. So much so that they just list local GP surgeries on their website and claim them as DNA testing Clinics. However, our ethical roots remain in place, and you will only ever have your samples collected by a certified sample collection officer. Furthermore, we continue to offer counselling services at selected DNA Clinics.

Where are the DNA Clinics

DNA Testing near me?

One of the most searched for terms when looking for a DNA test is ‘DNA Testing near me’. As mentioned, we have more than 100 locations around the UK. Some of these also cater for mobile sample collection. That is, we can send a certified collector to your home address in more remote areas. However, most of our DNA Clinics remain in or near the big towns and cities. To help you find DNA testing near you, you can use our online location tool.