Accredited DNA, Drug and Alcohol Testing

Crystal Health Group provides DNA Testing and Drug & Alcohol Testing throughout the UK.

We also perform Occupational Medical Screening services at selected locations.
We deliver our testing services direct to the public and business. As a result, we can tailor a solution to match your exact requirements. For example, this could be to prove abstinence in court as an individual. Or, to put in place random drug and alcohol testing in your workplace. Furthermore, managed services are available for local authorities, the NHS, Social Services and solicitors.

A vast network of clinic and mobile services in the UK provides great convenience. All sample collection officers and procedures have certification to ISO standards. Also, UKAS 17025 accreditation is in place for all laboratory facilities. As well as this, post-test services are also available. This includes counselling at selected clinics and a Medical Review service. Because of this, we can always deliver on our promise of providing convenience, confidence and support.

In addition, Our team of Clinical Advisors are all degree educated in the Bio-sciences. As a result, we will always provide you with the best possible advice when choosing your test. Call our team today to discuss your requirements.


DNA Testing

Laboratory DNA TestingWe have been providing DNA Testing services throughout the UK since 2005. Appointments are available through our network of DNA Clinics or mobile collection officers. Processing of all DNA tests are undertaken in UKAS 17025 laboratory facilities. Also, self-collection Paternity DNA testing kits can be bought on-line via Find out more about the types of DNA tests we offer on our DNA site or call to speak to a Clinical Advisor on 0800 988 7107.


Network Rail Drug and Alcohol Testing

Network Rail Drug and Alcohol Testing

We hold audit accreditation for the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS). As a result, Network Rail drug and alcohol testing is available through selected clinics and mobile locations. The testing can be undertaken for both Sentinel and non-sentinel purposes. The Rail standard test consists of a laboratory urine drug screen and confirmation analysis. Also, this includes a breath alcohol test using a Home Office approved breathalyser. You can view our RISQS certificate here. To arrange an appointment for your Network Rail drug and alcohol test, please call 0800 988 7107.


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Laboratory Drug Testing

We provide an extensive range of drug and alcohol tests to suit all circumstances. This includes services direct to business for random, pre-employment and ‘For Cause’ requirements. As well as this, we have tests for individuals looking to prove abstinence in court. All laboratory drug testing is UKAS 17025 accredited. Laboratory analysis is legally defensible and performed in the UK. Appointments are available through our extensive network of Clinics and mobile collection officers. Or, point of care urine drug testing is available by appointment and an online Homekit. Detailed information is on our main Drug website, or call 0800 988 7107 to talk to a Clinical Advisor.


National Grid Drug and Alcohol Testing

National Grid Drug and Alcohol Testing

We have been providing tests to National Grid and Utility standards since 2010. Random and pre-employment testing is available both on-site and through our Clinics. Various drug panels are available for testing depending on your requirements. Also, We can provide same day appointments at selected locations. This is ideal if you need urgent access to a site. This happens on a regular basis for contractors accessing Hinkley Point or Sellafield. Call us today to discuss your options on 0800 988 7107.



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