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DNA and Drug Testing Locations

Providing DNA and Drug Testing since 2005

Crystal Health Group provides DNA Testing and Drug & Alcohol Testing throughout the UK. Also, we perform Workplace Medicals at selected locations.

We deliver our testing services direct to the public and business. As a result, we can tailor a solution to match your exact requirements. For example, this could be to prove abstinence in court from drugs or alcohol as an individual. Or, to help a business by providing advice on drug and alcohol policy development. After development, we can then introduce a testing programme suited to your workplace.

In addition, we have a reputation for quality in the UK through our DNA Clinics brand. As a result, Boots have chosen to work with us by stocking our DNA Testing kits. These include paternity, sibling and grandparent DNA tests.

Managed services are also available for local authorities. For example the NHS, Social Services and solicitors. We work with many organisations around the UK who need test results for legal reasons.


A UK Network of DNA and Drug Testing Clinics

A vast network of clinic and mobile services in the UK provides great convenience. All sample collection officers and procedures have certification to ISO standards. Also, all DNA and laboratory drug testing is undertaken by a UKAS ISO/IEC 17015 accredited laboratory. In addition, we hold accreditation to perform drug and alcohol testing for Network Rail. Also, we will shortly be providing workplace medicals and PTS medicals at our Liverpool and Manchester Clinics.

Furthermore, post-test services are available. This includes counselling at selected clinics and a medical review service. Also, we can provide expert witness reports to further underpin legal test results. This combination of services and accreditation enables us to deliver on our promise. To provide our customers with convenience, confidence and support throughout the testing process.

Our team of Senior Clinical Advisors will always aim to provide you with the best possible advice when choosing your test. Call our team today to discuss your requirements.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We supply drug and alcohol testing services to a range of customers. For instance, this can be for an individual looking to prove abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Or, for court purposes through a solicitor or social services. Also, we offer an extensive range of workplace drug testing too. Whatever your needs, we will have a testing solution to meet your needs.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is becoming more popular in the UK. Reasons include to meet the needs of business insurance and fulfil contract requirements. Of course, the critical purpose is to keep everyone safe in the workplace. We take a balanced view on workplace drug testing and will be happy to share best practice with you.

Occupational Medicals

Workplace Medicals

Crystal Health offer an extensive range of workplace medicals throughout the UK. These range from fit for task, to safety critical PTS medicals for Network Rail. Also, we now offer cost effective solutions from our Manchester, Liverpool and Kent Clinics for PTS medicals with RISQS D&A testing.

DNA Relationship Testing

DNA Relationship Testing

DNA Clinics is a trusted and recognised brand, with DNA kits sold through Boots. Also, we have an extensive DNA Clinic network around the UK. Here you can make an appointment for a legal DNA test or just for peace of mind. DNA tests available include paternity, sibling and grandparent.

Sample Collection Network

Unrivalled UK Collection Network

Crystal Health operate a genuine network of Clinics and mobile collectors in the UK. Furthermore, we won’t ask you to go to your own doctor to have samples collected. You can use the helpful search tool to find your nearest clinic or mobile service.

Support Services

Support Services

Since 2005, we have delivered post testing support services. For example, we provide post DNA test counselling services at selected clinics. Also, we offer Medical Review and Expert Witness Reports for drug test results.