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DNA Drug Laboratory Testing

About Us

Providing DNA, drug testing and workplace medicals since 2005

We remain a family run business with strong ethical values, women led, with accreditation to demonstrate our quality approach.

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ISO 14001 DNA drug testing
ISO 27001 DNA drug testing
ISO 9001 DNA drug testing

Operating across multiple industries and service sectors with a diverse group of clients

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Boots Paternity Test
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Working with Boots as a trusted partner for DNA Paternity Testing

We are the only company in the country working with Boots to provide Paternity testing in the UK. As a result, this unique partnership allows you to order a Paternity test kit in confidence from Boots directly.


Local testing Clinics, medial centres and mobile locations throughout the UK

For your convenience, we have a network of testing locations throughout the UK. As a result, we can provide testing and medical appointments for you in your local area. Or we can arrange for a certified sample collection officer to visit your home or other convenient location of your choice.

Twin DNA Testing

Latest videos

Twin DNA testing

Follow our very own Jemma, her story about having twins and taking a DNA test to see if they are identical...

DNA Clinics DNA Testing

Latest videos

How to take a DNA mouth swab

Simple and non-invasive. But it's important to remember we are collecting cheek cells rather than saliva.

Hair drug and alcohol testing

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What shows up in a hair drug test?

In this video, we answer many of the questions associated with using hair samples to detect drugs.

How does DNA testing work

Latest videos

How does DNA testing work?

While it might sound complicated, the science is now well established. We explain how DNA testing works in this short video.