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30 Mar 2022

Zero Tolerance Statement

The health and safety of Crystal Health Group’s employees is of paramount importance.

Zero tolerance

Why do we need a statement for zero tolerance abuse?

In the vast majority of cases, our clients will be respectful towards those who are providing a service to them. However, there are occasions when prospective clients are abusive or use threatening behaviour towards our staff. Crystal Health Group operates a 'zero tolerance' attitude to all forms of abuse. As a result, such behaviour or the use of inappropriate words causing distress and/or constituting harassment will not be tolerated, and could lead to prosecution.

What types of incidents constitute abuse?

Whilst it is not possible to provide a comprehensive list of this type of incident, some examples are provided below:

• Offensive language, verbal abuse and swearing
• Racist comments
• Loud and intrusive conversation
• Unwanted or abusive remarks
• Negative, malicious or stereotypical comments
• Brandishing of objects or weapons
• Threats or risk of injury to our staff
• Intimidation
• Stalking
• Unreasonable behaviour and non-cooperation

What are the consequences?

Our staff have the right to refuse the service being requested including terminating calls, cancelling appointments, ending laboratory analysis or medical assessments, call barring and blocking email. In extreme circumstances, incidents will be reported to the police and could lead to prosecution.