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21 Jan 2022

Drug testing for Social Services

We provide drug testing services to many local and regional authorities around the UK.

Drug Testing for Social Services

An approved supplier to local government and Social Services

With our drug testing accreditation, many social service teams choose to work with Crystal Health Group. We have a strong track record of delivering quality drug and alcohol testing services for local authorities and individual Social Workers. We are an approved supplier of drug testing for Social Services for many local authorities. These include local London boroughs such as Hammersmith & Fulham, to regional authorities such as Northamptonshire County Council.

Examples of drug testing for Social Services

Many of the requests we receive include the monitoring of abstinence from drugs or alcohol for individuals for a specific time. For example, with Devon council, an individual was asked to undertake a weekly urine laboratory drug test on a weekly basis over a 3-month period.

In addition, we handle many cases that include multiple interested parties, including family drug testing. For example, when both parents of a child must prove abstinence from drugs or alcohol to satisfy custody requirements. As such, this can include social services, private individuals, and solicitors.

When social services take the lead for a case, we assign a dedicated Case Manager. As a result, you will have one point of contact providing advice, support, and appointment coordination through the drug and alcohol testing process.

Furthermore, we can arrange split invoicing for interested parties when needed.

Third party consent

When working with a private client, third-party consent must be in place to satisfy GDPR requirements. That is, we will provide our client with a third-party consent form to be completed. Once we have this, we can liaise with authorised social worker about the drug and alcohol test.

Other considerations for drug testing for Social Services

We also offer the opportunity for social workers to attend drug testing appointments with their clients at selected locations. In addition, we can also accommodate on-site sample collection at local council offices if needed. Sample collection can also be arranged for test participants' home address for family drug testing. Also, a social worker may also attend home visits if requested. In these cases, a social worker can act as a witness to the sample collection process if needed.

Whatever the requirement for drug and alcohol testing, we will do our best to accommodate your request, in compliance with our own policies and GDPR requirements.