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Drug and alcohol testing for the family court process

Our company was founded on strong ethical roots back in 2005 when we became the first to provide face to face DNA testing and counselling services. Since then, our service offering has expanded to include affordable and accessible drug and alcohol testing services to individuals and families who find themselves going through the family court process.

Family court drug and alcohol testing

Drug and alcohol test requirements for family court purposes

Most testing requests we receive for the family court process are hair drug and alcohol testing, in combination with blood alcohol testing. These tests provide a comprehensive overview of drug and/or alcohol consumption. The analysis for these tests is performed in a UK laboratory with facilities and processes accredited to UKAS 17025. As such, the laboratory test reports are accepted by family courts throughout the UK.

Costs for family court drug and alcohol testing

Recently, we are being contacted by organisations supporting families asking why our test prices are so cheap. This was a surprise to us. Although we try and keep prices as reasonable as possible in a competitive market, we don’t consider our drug and alcohol prices cheap. They simply reflect the administration, sample collection and test analysis involved. However, when given an example of work we had performed in comparison to other providers, we were surprised to learn that some providers are charging three to four times more for the same service. At a time when individuals and families are vulnerable, and with the additional cost of living pressures, we are disappointed that testing providers seem to be taking advantage of people in difficult situations.

As a result, the family service organisation who brought this to our attention, are now recommending that all their clients request a quotation from Crystal Health Group in the first instance. As mentioned, all test reports are court approved, and there is no difference in the service provided.

We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service approach. However, if we can also save families money who are going through the family court process, we are happy to help. In addition to organisations who provide family services, if you are a solicitor or represent social services, take advantage of our competitive prices, and request a quotation today.