Contact us

Contacting Crystal Health is easy. We are proud of the ethical and personal approach we aim to provide for all of our clients. As a result, we provide a number of ways of contacting us.

One of our main aims is to provide you with confidential testing services. As a result, our freephone number is the most convenient and reliable way of contacting us.

Calling 0800 988 7107 means that you will be speaking to a trained Clinical Advisor. As a result, they are able to explain the tests in simple terms. Also, they will be able to answer any technical questions you may have.

At times, our lines can become very busy at the head office in Manchester. In particular, we manage all of the appointments for the Crystal Health Group around the UK. As such, if you cannot get through, please leave a short message. For instance, leave your name, contact details and the test you need. After this, we will get back in touch with you within 24 hours. This excludes weekends and bank holidays.

Also, you can complete one of the two contact forms below. First, you can use the appointment request for general enquiries as well. Second, the quotation request form is for solicitors or social services. Again, we will aim to get back in touch with you within 24 hours. As mentioned, if your request is of an urgent nature, it might be better calling us. Finally, another way of contacting us is by emailing us directly on [email protected]

So, the best way of contacting Crystal Health Group is to call us. Or, you can complete a contact form. If you are enquiring about a DNA test, please complete the relevant DNA form here. Alternatively, if you need a drug test or medical, please complete the relevant drug form here. Lastly, you can email us directly. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure to receive the best possible customer service and information for your test.