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PEth alcohol testing

The PEth alcohol test provides high sensitivity for the detection of current, regular alcohol consumption.

The PEth alcohol test can discriminate between heavy, moderate, and occasional drinkers. In addition, it can also monitor abstinence from alcohol within the past month. In addition, age, gender, health, or previous alcohol issues do not impact on the results.

P Eth Alcohol Testing

How does PEth alcohol testing work?

PEth (Phosphatidylethanol) is a specific alcohol biomarker. Therefore, it only forms in the presence of Ethanol, meaning it is a direct marker for alcohol intake. It is eliminated from the body in about 30 days. As a result, the window of detection is often given as one month.

In addition, the PEth alcohol test only requires blood spot samples to perform the analysis. This is performed by obtaining small drops of blood from a donor’s fingertip or thumb. As a result, this is a much less invasive collection of blood than the traditional venous type. In turn, the collection of samples is easier and test turn around times are quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a PEth alcohol test be used?

PEth is a direct alcohol biomarker. As a result, it has benefits over other indirect types of alcohol tests, which can also be affected by the presence of other substances.

So, testing for direct alcohol biomarkers, like PEth, gives a true indication of whether the individual has consumed alcohol during the testing period. The effective detection window for PEth is 1 month. Again, this is another benefit over the more traditional forms of blood alcohol testing.

If you have decided to proceed with a hair alcohol test or blood alcohol test with us, please see the latest important information regarding these tests here.

What are the limitations of the PEth alcohol test?

There are benefits to PEth testing as mentioned above. However, we always recommend a combination of blood alcohol testing with the hair alcohol test. This provides a good overview of alcohol consumption for a longer period the 1 month if required. As a result, it is usually stipulated in a court order or by Social Services when requesting laboratory alcohol testing.

In addition, an Expert Witness Statement can give a further understanding of the test report. You can discuss this at the time of your booking.

What are the time frames for PEth alcohol testing?

The more an individual consumes alcohol, the more PEth will be formed in the blood. In addition, the amount and regularity of alcohol consumption can affect the PEth result. For example, ten drinks consumed on one occasion will produce a higher PEth result than if ten drinks were consumed on five different occasions. Typically, the detection period for PEth is four weeks as this is the amount of time that the biomarker remains in the blood.

What is the cost of PEth testing?

PEth alcohol test costs are from only £320 incl. VAT. When ordered with a hair alcohol test, the price is discounted to £625 incl. VAT at the same appointment. Also, as outlined above, we can produce an Expert Witness Statement for an extra £174 incl. VAT. Call and speak to a Clinical Advisor about the test options on 0800 988 7107. Further discounting maybe available depending on the tests required.

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