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Drug and alcohol testing prices

All of our drug and alcohol test prices are transparent. In other words, there are no hidden costs. For example, any additional extras will always be detailed in a quotation. See below for examples of drug and alcohol testing prices for the most popular services we provide.

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What is included in the drug and alcohol testing price?

  • All appointment coordination and correspondence.
  • Case management including email and telephone support.
  • The collection of your samples.
  • Provision of your rapid drug and alcohol screening results at your appointment.
  • Sending your laboratory drug test results by secure email in PDF report format.
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What are the additional costs for drug and alcohol testing?

  • Additional and separate appointments, either at a clinic or on-site at your location, including the workplace.
  • Unusual sample collection requirements such as prisons or hospitals.
  • Archive retrieval of drug and alcohol test documentation of £25 + VAT per request.
  • Provision of the Medical Review service. For example, for Network Rail drug and alcohol testing.
  • Provision of an Expert Witness Statement from the laboratory relevant to the test results. Prices are available upon request.
  • Transport and analysis by a third party laboratory for any 'B' samples. All associated costs are the responsibility of the test donor, employer, legal representative or sponsor.

How much does a drug and alcohol test cost?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of a drug and alcohol test. First, we need to determine the purpose of the test. This will determine the type of sample required for analysis. For example, if you do need a drug test to prove abstinence for court, a court order will normally stipulate a hair drug test. Or, if you are a business looking to drug screen many employees, you may want to opt for the rapid urine drug screen. To help, we have listed some examples of drug test prices here, all prices are inclusive of VAT.

Saliva drug and alcohol testing

Again, the saliva drug test comes as two options. The rapid saliva drug screen, or the laboratory screen and confirmation drug test. As with urine drug testing, the screen is slightly cheaper and can be as low as £60 per person depending on the number of employees/donors being tested. The lab drug test can be as low as £72 per person. In addition, for single appointments at one of our clinic locations, the prices are £156 and £180 respectively. Also, alcohol can be tested either using a breathalyser or as a separate saliva test at no extra cost.

Hair alcohol testing (with optional blood analysis)

Usually performed with the hair drug test. However, the hair alcohol test can be performed in isolation. Prices start from £350 for an EtG analysis. For EtG and FAEE analysis, the cost is £510. Furthermore, to include blood alcohol analysis for a comprehensive analysis of alcohol intake, the total cost is £680.

PEth alcohol testing

A less invasive test than venous blood alcohol testing. Also, the PEth test analyses direct alcohol markers in the blood. The cost of the PEth alcohol test is £320 per person.

Urine drug and alcohol testing

Our most popular test for workplace drug testing and pre-employment drug testing. There are two options here. The rapid urine drug screen, or the urine laboratory screen and confirmation drug test. The screen is slightly cheaper and can be as low as £60 per person depending on the number of employees/donors being tested. The lab drug test can be as low as £72 per person. In addition, for single appointments at one of our clinic locations, the prices are £156 and £180 respectively. Alcohol can either be tested in the urine, using a breathalyser, or as a saliva test at no extra cost.

Hair drug testing

The most popular drug test for private individuals aiming to prove abstinence in court. The hair drug test price starts from just £255 for 1 drug, 3-month analysis. Discounts are available for the hair drug test when you choose the special 9-panel drug test.

Hair drug and alcohol testing including blood alcohol analysis

Discounts are available when ordering this test. Please call for more information.

Breath alcohol testing

Normally performed with a urine or saliva drug test. However, we can cater for breath alcohol testing in isolation using Home Office approved breathalysers. The cost can be as low as £48 per person, or £156 for a single appointment at a clinic.

Payment Options

Depending on whether you are a commercial or private client, there are several payment options available to you.

Split payment for drug tests

Split payment for your drug test - private clients only

You can spread the cost of your laboratory-based drug and alcohol test by paying in two parts. The first payment is due when you book your appointment. Then the second payment is due before we release your test results. Call 0800 988 7107 for further details.

Drug Testing order confirmation

Drug and alcohol testing order confirmation for commercial clients

For one off, or ad hoc drug and alcohol testing, commercial clients will be asked to sign an order confirmation. This provides the details of the service requested and the quoted costs. Payment is due prior to testing until a credit payment history has been established.

Drug Testing Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreements

For more regular drug and alcohol testing needs, we provide an SLA with associated operational documents where applicable. This prevents the need for a new order confirmation for every test. Also, it provides clear and consistent information each and every time drug and alcohol testing is required.