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DNA testing for Immigration

The Home Office cannot require that DNA evidence from a DNA test be provided as part of an immigration application. However, they can give applicants the opportunity to provide DNA testing evidence as one of a range of options to prove a relationship.

Legal immigration DNA testing medium

Immigration and asylum in the UK

There are many reasons why individuals apply to come or stay in the UK. In some cases, applicants will need to provide evidence of their claimed biological relationship to other family members. This evidence can include a DNA test for immigration purposes. Applicants may apply to enter or stay in the UK based upon their relationship with a person who is either a British citizen or has permission to live in the UK.

Volunteering evidence from a DNA test for Immigration

There are often circumstances where an applicant must satisfy the Home Office that they are related, as claimed to a particular person. This can usually be achieved by providing many different forms of evidence, which may include DNA test evidence.

However, DNA is sensitive personal information and there is no obligation to provide it. But there is nothing to stop applicants from proactively offering to supply DNA test evidence to the Home Office if they consider it is in their interest. But this must be voluntary. In addition, children who are aged under 16 may only volunteer DNA test evidence when the written consent is in place from the person who has parental responsibility for them.

Legal requirements for Immigration DNA testing

The Home Office will advise you of the following requirements for Immigration DNA testing evidence:

  • The testing laboratory must hold UKAS 17025 accreditation.
  • Must follow the DNA test sample collection process required by the Home Office.
  • The applicants must meet the costs of obtaining any DNA evidence which they choose to volunteer. This includes any additional costs. For example, the costs of the individuals that witness the collection of DNA samples (if applicable).

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In addition, for applicants that are overseas requiring an Immigration DNA test, we may pass you directly to our laboratory partners to organise this.

UK passport for Immigration DNA test

How much is an Immigration DNA test?

Immigration DNA testing is the same cost as a legal DNA test. For example, the cost of an appointment based, legal paternity DNA test at a DNA Clinic is £384. This includes 1 mother, child, and father.

Alternatively, we can arrange for a certified collection officer to attend your location in the UK. The cost for this using the example above is £408. The additional person costs for both tests are the same as those at a DNA Clinic.