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What is Legal DNA Testing?

Legal DNA testing must be performed by UKAS 17025 and Ministry of Justice approved laboratories.

What is Legal DNA Testing

You can use our court approved DNA tests for most legal purposes

The most common request for legal DNA testing is for immigration purposes for the UK Home Office. Also, we receive a lot of requests for legal paternity tests to change a child’s birth certificate. However, there are circumstances when we would pass you directly to our laboratory. For example, when test participants reside outside the UK, or a section 20 order has been requested directly by a court.

What is the main difference between a legal DNA test and peace of mind DNA testing?

The main difference between the two types of DNA test is the legal identification of all test participants for the legal version. Also, there are stricter chain of custody requirements for the legal DNA test. But apart from that, that is the only difference. For instance, the testing process in the UKAS accredited laboratory is the same. As a result, there are certain situations when you can use a peace of mind DNA test to update a child’s birth certificate. Detailed information about changing a child’s birth certificate using a DNA test can be found here.

In addition, for legal paternity DNA testing, the biological mother of the child must take part in the DNA test. There are rare exceptions to this. However, this is only in exceptional circumstances. Speak to a member of our Clinical Advisor team for advice.

Another key difference is that you cannot use DNA self-collection kits for court approved DNA tests. As a result, you must either attend a DNA Clinic to have your samples collected. Or we can arrange for a mobile collection officer to visit you at your location.

How much does a legal DNA test cost?

An appointment-based legal paternity test at a DNA Clinic is only £395 for 3 test participants. This includes a mother, child and alleged father. The additional person cost for a legal paternity test is £90. Alternatively, an appointment at your location would be £420 for the standard legal paternity test, while the additional person cost remains the same.

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How can I order a legal DNA test?

You must make an appointment to have your samples collected for a legal DNA test. Please call 0800 988 7107 to arrange your appointment. Remember, you cannot use a DNA self-collection kit for a court approved DNA test.