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What is Peace of Mind DNA Testing?

‘Peace of mind’ DNA testing is our most popular private DNA test.

Peace of Mind DNA Testing

Peace of mind DNA testing

A peace of mind private DNA test can only be used for personal information. In other words, it cannot be used for any legal purpose. Unless you need a legal DNA test for a specific purpose, then the peace of mind option is perfectly adequate for your needs.

What is the main difference between a peace of mind DNA test and a legal test?

The main difference between the two types of DNA test is the legal identification of all test participants required for the legal version. Also, there are stricter chain of custody requirements for the legal DNA test. But apart from that, that is the only difference.

For instance, the testing process in the UKAS accredited laboratory is the same. As a result, you can be confident that your peace of mind DNA test is just as accurate as its legal counterpart. Furthermore, both peace of mind and legal DNA testing can be used for private DNA testing. However, we do find that solicitors and social services tend to coordinate legal DNA tests on behalf of private individuals.

How much is a peace of mind DNA test?

They start from just £99 for a self-collection paternity test kit involving the alleged father, child, and mother. An appointment-based peace of mind paternity test at a DNA Clinic is only £240 for 3 test participants. In terms of extended DNA relationship testing such as siblings and grandparents, the self-collection kits are just £165. Alternatively, the appointment-based sibling DNA test and grandparent DNA test are just £240.

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How can I order a peace of mind DNA test?

There are two options available. First, peace of mind DNA tests are available at DNA Clinics. So, you can call 0800 988 7107 to arrange an appointment. Second, all DNA self-collection kits are available as peace of mind tests. Here are the options for ordering our DNA self-collection kits: