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Order Confirmation Terms & Conditions

  1. This quotation proposal is valid for 30 days unless otherwise agreed.
  2. An allocated time is applied for each appointment. The total cost due will be increased if the collection time exceeds the allocated time stated due to any delays caused by the client and/or test/medical participants. This additional time will be charged at £25 per 30 minutes.
  3. Any appointments which are required within the hours of 19.00pm and 07.00am, or on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank holiday will incur an additional attendance fee of £50.
  4. Time Allocation for Appointments: An allocated time period is applied to each scheduled appointment. This is based on the type of sample(s) to be collected or medical to be performed, the number of individuals attending, and the time required for initial set up (non-clinic sites). The time required may range from 15 – 45 minutes per person. The allocated time is calculated automatically for each appointment, providing the time by which all tasks should be complete. This allows appointments and the time of Crystal Health Group Collection Officers to be efficiently scheduled. Allocated time frames for any particular appointment, are available to the Client upon request.
  5. If testing is to be performed over more than one day, or more than one Sample Collection Officer is required to attend, then an additional charge of £150 per day, or per Collection Officer will apply.
  6. Excessive travelling expenses to attend on-site services will be charged at 45p per mile for anything over a total distance of 50 miles round trip.
  7. Any additional costs incurred for mobile collections e.g. congestion or low emission zone charges, toll charges or parking fees, will be added to the total cost payable.
  8. You confirm that all on-site facilities meet the standards required for the collection of the specified biological samples or for performing a medical assessment. If not, please discuss this with your Case Manager.
  9. 24 hour notice and non-attendance cancellation charges will apply when notification is received by Crystal Health Group (CHG) on the same date the relevant appointment is scheduled, or it is received after 5.00pm on the previous working day.
  10. The hours between 5.00pm on a Friday and 8.00am on a Monday, or those forming part of any UK bank holiday, will not be included/accepted as forming part of any cancellation notice period.
  11. Changes to the number of individuals at the time of a drug/alcohol testing appointment will incur additional cancellation charges.
  12. Additional charges may apply for recollections due to inadequate samples.
  13. Non-Conformity Reports: Full payment will apply to situations that result in the provision of a Non-Conformity Report for a sample donor undergoing a drug and alcohol test or for an individual attending a medical assessment.
  14. In certain circumstances, Network Rail standards dictate that a Medical Review Officer must assess the laboratory’s findings prior to a test result being issued. If ordering a test service that must conform to this standard, you/your organisation confirm by signing this document, that you agree to pay all additional fees associated with required MRO services (as dictated by these standards). Where necessary, candidates may be expected to provide information requested by the MRO and in cases where further evidence is not provided or contact cannot made the MRO will conclude the case based on the evidence available to them.
  15. In the case of PTS medical assessments: Initial referrals to CHG’s Responsible Occupational Physician (ROP), will be free of charge. However, subsequent referrals for the same candidate, when information provided does not satisfy the requirements of the ROP will be charged at £50 +VAT. This includes referrals when CHG has advised that information provided will not meet the ROP’s criteria.
  16. Photo ID must be provided by the sample donor (e.g. Driving Licence or Passport). If this is not available, a company representative may sign as a witness to identify the sample donor. If suitable ID is not available, the appointment may be cancelled and additional charges will apply. A private room, table & 2 chairs are required for all tests, with a secure toilet facility with lockable storage also required for on-site urine collection.
  17. You the employer/client, confirm that prior to service provision from CHG, that the right to request the service for the individuals involved, will be appropriately/legally covered by:
    • Company policy(s) (e.g. drug and alcohol policy ), and/or
    • By appropriate procedures performed by a suitable representative(s) of the employer/client (e.g. staff interviews) and/or UK law (e.g. court order, consent of the parties involved).
  18. CHG will obtain written consent from each individual prior to any sample collection, medical assessment and sample analysis performed. However, it is the responsibility of the employer/client to ensure that:
    • The appropriate policy and procedure is in place and has been implemented prior to testing;
    • That such policies and procedures are sufficient to warrant the services requested;
    • Compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    • That it legally protects the employer/client in each circumstance and that it allows for appropriate actions to be taken following results being issued. Actions taken by the employer/client in relation to requesting CHG services and those taken on the basis of results are the sole responsibility of the employer/client.
  19. Payments for Services: Your case manager will advise you of the payments terms. Unpaid invoices outside agreed credit terms will lead to your account being put on hold. This may also lead to debt recovery action against you or your organisation.
  20. Depending on the test ordered and the outcome of the initial result obtained, additional testing may be required to comply with industry standards. You/your organisation confirm by signing this document, that you agree to pay any additional fees associated with this. This includes laboratory testing for Non-negative POC samples.
  21. CHG’s general terms and conditions and cancellation and refund policy are incorporated into this document.

Cancellation Charges: You must notify CHG of any cancellations associated with the service.