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Peterborough DNA Testing and Drug Testing

The mobile collection service in Peterborough provides testing to individuals and organisations, includes social services and solicitors. Workplace drug testing is also available in Peterborough, particularly to safety critical industries.

Peterborough, PE4, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom

Peterborough testing services

Peterborough drug & alcohol testing

The mobile collection service provides drug and alcohol testing to private individuals and organisations, and the following services are available in Peterborough.

  • Point of care urine drug and alcohol screening. Screening that provides instant results at appointments.
  • Urine laboratory drug testing. Samples are collected and sent to a UKAS 17025 accredited laboratory. As a result, test reports can be used for legal purposes.
  • Point of care saliva drug screening. Saliva drug screening that provides instant results at appointments.
  • Oral fluid laboratory drug testing. Similar to urine laboratory drug testing. However, this test uses saliva samples that have a shorter drug detection window.
  • Hair drug testing. Used for legal purposes for courts in Peterborough. Provides an historical overview of any drug use.
  • Hair alcohol testing. To prove abstinence from alcohol and can be used in conjunction with hair drug testing for use in court.
  • Blood alcohol testing. In combination with hair alcohol testing, provides a more detailed analysis of alcohol use.
  • Breath alcohol testing. Can be used in conjunction with urine and oral fluid drug tests. All breathalysers are home office approved devices.
  • Workplace drug and alcohol testing. We perform on-site collection in the Peterborough area for many different industry types.
  • RISQS Network Rail drug and alcohol testing is available onsite in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.
  • In addition, Workplace Medical services and Network Rail PTS Medicals are available.
DNA testing in Peterborough

Our Peterborough mobile collection service provides DNA testing to private individuals, social services and solicitors. The following DNA Test services are available.

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Accredited testing kits

Also, for your convenience, Crystal Health Group provide Home Testing kits. Home drug testing kits can be ordered online. For DNA testing, you can order one of our DNA Paternity Test kits from Boots. Or, you can order a Paternity DNA Test kit for free from our online shop.

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