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Brentwood DNA Testing and Drug Testing Clinic

The Brentwood clinic in Jubilee House provides testing services to individuals and organisations, including social services and solicitors in London. Also, workplace drug testing is available in Brentwood and the Greater London area.

3, Jubilee House, The Drive, Great Warley, Warley, Brentwood, London, CM13 3FR, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

DNA tests and drug tests available at the Brentwood Jubilee House clinic

Brentwood DNA paternity testing and drug testing at the Brentwood

We offer a wide range of DNA testing and drug testing services at the Jubilee House clinic in Brentwood. Conveniently situated in Brentwood centre, the clinic is easily accessible by public transport. Also, there is plenty of parking available either on-street or in nearby public car parks.

Your samples for your chosen test will be collected by a certified sample collection officer at the clinic. For example, this will include mouth swabs for a DNA test, or a urine sample for a drug test using secure toilet facilities.

In addition, we can accommodate multiple test participants and appointments at the Brentwood clinic. For example, we offer workplace drug testing for local business in Brentwood and Greater London. As a result, organisations can send their employees for a drug and alcohol test. The most popular drug tests for work at the Jubilee House clinic are for pre-employment purposes. Also, we provide Network Rail drug and alcohol testing in Brentwood. For this, our sample collection officers have undergone specific training and certification to meet the strict chain of custody standards required.

As well as drug testing for Network Rail, PTS medical assessments are also available in London. These can be performed on their own, or in conjunction with a drug and alcohol test.

Whatever your needs, you can be confident that your chosen DNA test or drug test in Brentwood is covered by our ISO accreditation. Furthermore, all laboratory testing is performed in UKAS 17025 facilities, and all our drug testing collection methods have been developed from our RISQS accreditation.

Booking a DNA test or drug test at the Jubilee House clinic

To book a test in Brentwood, call 0800 988 7107. You will be speaking to our head office team in Manchester. They will talk you through the test options available at the Jubilee House clinic and help you choose the best test for your circumstances. Also, they will be able to answer any technical questions you have.

Brentwood DNA paternity and drug testing prices

Prices for DNA paternity testing, drug testing and occupational medicals in Brentwood are competitive and there are no hidden fees. see examples of costs for our testing services in the area by clicking below.

Why use the Jubilee House clinic for your DNA, drug test or medical?

We have been providing biotesting services since 2005 when Nichola McChrystal founded DNA Clinics. Our team in Manchester has a wealth of experience and we are passionate about what we do. Check out some of our reviews on Google to see how our clients rate their experience. The Jubilee House clinic in Brentwood is just one location out of many that we have around the country. So, if this is not convenient to get too for you, we have other options. This includes mobile sample collection options in the wider Greater London area.

Call 0800 988 7107 today to check appointment availability at this clinic.

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On-site testing in Brentwood

Mobile testing services

In addition, appointments are available using our mobile service at your location. This includes your home or workplace in the Brentwood area. Or, anywhere in Greater London that is convenient to you.

Please call 0800 988 7107 to check availability or book your appointment in Brentwood. A qualified Clinical Advisor will talk you through the testing options available.

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Also, for your convenience, Crystal Health Group provide Home Testing kits. Home drug testing kits can be ordered online. For DNA testing, you can order one of our DNA Paternity Test kits from Boots. Or, you can order a Paternity DNA Test kit for free from our online shop.

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