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For-cause drug testing

For-cause drug and alcohol testing includes post-incident drug testing and post accident drug testing.

For cause drug testing

A must for any safety critical business

Employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol and operating plant and machinery can be a recipe for disaster. As a result, we offer a for-cause drug and alcohol testing service that can help prevent accidents or incidents in the workplace. But there are occasions when this can be too late, so we also offer a call-out service to cover post-accidents or incidents to assist in any investigation.

How does the for-cause drug testing service work?

We normally provide an ‘immediate response’ service within 2 to 3 hours of a call being made. As a result, a collection officer will arrive on site within this time frame. Alternatively, for-cause drug testing can also be scheduled, depending on the nature of the circumstances.

Organisations have different policies in place for workplace drug and alcohol testing. As a result, we always attempt to meet these requirements. However, best practice is as follows:

  • A urine point of care rapid drug screen with optional alcohol test.
  • Samples with any non-negative drug screen results must then be sent to an accredited UKAS 17025 laboratory for confirmation testing.

In addition, we provide optional guidance and working documents to support the service. This includes an immediate response user guide and assessment form.

Examples of for-cause drug testing

For-cause drug tests can be scheduled, or an immediate response call-out initiated. It all depends on the circumstances. For example, we usually see organisations schedule a for-cause drug test when an allegation of drug or alcohol use at work has been made, but there are no reports of an immediate health and safety emergency. However, if an individual’s behaviour suggests that they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, an immediate response would be required.

Examples for post-incident drug testing

We provide drug testing services to many clients in the utilities industry. As a result, cable strikes can happen on a regular basis. As such, a drug and alcohol test must be performed on any individuals involved in the work that led to the cable strike. The immediate response call-out is initiated and we provide a 2-to-3-hour response time to attend the site where the incident happened.

Examples for post-accident drug testing

Similarly, we also deliver drug and alcohol testing services to waste and logistics organisations. Again, we are frequently called out for post-accident events that require an immediate response drug and alcohol test. For example, when forklift trucks are involved in an accident on site, we attend within 2 to 3 hours to test the driver involved.

Post accident drug testing

Don’t fall into the trap of just using immediate response drug testing

Some organisations only implement the for-cause or post-accident/incident drug and alcohol testing in isolation. This can be a mistake and can be an expensive one. Our advice is to develop a culture where drug and alcohol testing becomes part of the health and safety strategy. Pre-employment and random drug testing are a good way to do this. As a result, we have found that drug test failure rates and the number of immediate response call-outs can fall dramatically when a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing programme is implemented.

How much is the for-cause drug and alcohol testing service?

When scheduled, costs are similar to pre-employment and random drug testing. If the immediate response call out is required, the costs reflect the nature of the urgency, so costs more than a scheduled test. In addition. there is also an annual set-up fee to be paid. This covers the administration and ‘on call’ costs for collection officers. We can provide you with a full quotation before you proceed with the service.