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21 Jan 2022

How to pass a drug test

There are many myths regarding the best way to pass a drug test. In this article we address some of these and discuss the best way to pass a drug test, which is of course to not take any!

How to pass a drug test

How to cheat a drug test

If you are planning on trying to cheat a drug test, you are likely to be unsuccessful. The testing methods, chain of custody procedures and tamper evidence measures, make it practically impossible to cheat a drug test. These include temperature checks of urine, control measures on rapid drug screens, and adulteration and substitution checks in the laboratory.

In addition, sample collection officers receive effective training and are vigilant in preventing individuals attempting to cheat a drug test.

How to pass a drug test - myth busting

There is a lot of information on the internet on how to cheat a drug test. In fact, you can buy expensive products that claim to flush any illegal drugs out of your system before taking a drug test. In most cases, this is just flavoured water. However, in some cases, these products are unregulated, and could contain substances harmful to health.

Do these products work? No, because even if they do dilute drug metabolites in your urine, the sample will not pass dilution checks in the laboratory.

What about swapping urine samples to cheat a drug test? Urine cools down to room temperature quickly. So, by the time it comes to collect the sample, the hidden sample will be to cool to register on the collection device. A cold sample will mean a fresh one must be collected, and you will be under supervision until you can produce. Also, holding out and not producing a urine sample could be problematic, as you will then be asked to provide a saliva sample instead.

What happens if I get caught cheating a drug test?

At Crystal Health Group, we will record this as a non-conformity, and the reason will be recorded on the official paperwork. If you are an employee, this will then fall back on your employers’ drug and alcohol policy. A lot of employers have a zero-tolerance policy in the workplace, so this could lead to dismissal.

Our advice on how to pass a drug test

The best advice is not to take drugs. Whatever your priorities are, surely your family, livelihood, safety of yourself and others, trump the need to take illegal recreational drugs.

If you are having difficulties, there is lots of help available. We would advise seeking help from your employer or any of the organisations from the NHS website.