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Pre-employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing is an important part of the recruitment process. In particular, for safety critical and ‘business critical’ jobs.

The most popular drug test for this is urine testing. Both the instant ‘point of care’ screen or the lab drug test. Also, for more senior positions, clients prefer hair drug testing. This is because hair drug testing has a much longer detection window for drugs than urine.

All tests are available through our network of drug testing clinics. Also, we can arrange a mobile collection officer to visit your location.

There are lots of different options to suit your needs. Here are some examples of how we provide this service to current clients.

  • Close Protection Security. Deployment of security personnel to high risk countries.
  • Oil and Gas workers. Contractors for the industry classed as safety and business critical.

Each candidate attends a clinic appointment at locations throughout the UK. They undertake a urine point of care screen and receive the results at the appointment.

  • Network Rail (Sentinel). Pre-appointment testing for sub-contractors.

Candidates attend selected clinics or have a collection officer visit their location. A breath sample is taken for the alcohol screen. Urine samples are collected and send to the lab for testing. We upload results to the Network Rail portal.

Can we help you with your pre-employment drug testing? If yes, then call our team and we will discuss all the options with you.