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Alcohol testing is still important in the workplace

Although trends these days show that employees are more likely to have recreational drugs in their system than alcohol, testing alcohol is still important for workplace safety.

The culture of the liquid lunch has disappeared over recent years, particularly in production and manufacturing sectors. Indeed, many of these facilities still had social clubs attached to them up until the early 1990s! Times have changed however, but we still see failed alcohol tests, albeit a relatively small amount compared to drug tests failures. For example, out of thousands of drug tests this year, we have seen only 3 alcohol tests have failures. This could be regarded as a very small percentage, but the consequences of someone under the influence of alcohol at work can be serious. Also, the 3 failures recorded this year were above the England & Wales drink-drive limit cut-off level of 35μg/100ml.

This compares to the following more stringent cut-off levels:

  • Scotland Drink Drive Limit = 22μg/100ml
  • Rail Industry = 13μg/100ml
  • Aviation = 9μg/100ml

At Crystal Health Group, we will always recommend a breath alcohol test at the same time as a drug test. In addition, this is performed free of charge when done in conjunction with a drug test.

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