Drug and Alcohol Testing

Accredited UK Drug testing services providing the answers you need.

Crystal Health have a wealth of experience of providing drug and alcohol testing. This includes commercial organisations, private individuals, the legal sector and Government departments. Our team of Clinical Advisors all have Medical Science degrees. While laboratory facilities are UKAS 17025 accredited. As a result, the drug and alcohol testing service fulfils almost any need.

A dedicated case manager throughout the drug and alcohol testing process.

Helping you to choose the correct drug and alcohol test will provide you with the answers you need. Your case manager is on hand to provide support and advice during and after your drug and alcohol test. One of the most important choices is the sample type to test. Your case manager will talk you through the various options available. This will include the detection windows for each sample type.

For workplace drug testing, your case manager will coordinate all aspects. Whether it is for on-site or off-site screening or testing. Our aim is to provide the most cost effective solution. But at the same time minimising the disruption to your workplace operations.

Drug and alcohol testing for all circumstances.

Do you need a test to prove abstinence as an individual? Or, are you needing to organise random screening for your workplace? Our drug and alcohol service can meet your requirements. For example, hair drug and alcohol testing is ideal for proving abstinence. While the urine drug and alcohol test is ideal for random on-site workplace screening. Laboratory screen and confirmation testing is available for non-negative urine screens. This means that all drug and alcohol testing is legally defensible.

Service Level Agreements.

For on-going drug and alcohol testing requirements, we recommend a service level agreement. This will ensure we meet your expectations for your chosen service. Exclusive benefits are available for clients with SLA’s. This includes price discounts and quick appointment times.

For workplace drug testing, your account manager will coordinate all aspects of testing. This could be for on-site or off-site screening or testing.

Sample collection options.

We operate a network drug testing clinics and mobile services throughout the UK. This provides our clients with unrivalled convenience for the collection of samples. Off-site sample collection is available at local drug testing clinics. Or, we can arrange on-site testing at your workplace or home.

We assess and certify all sample collection officers on an annual basis. This is a condition of our industry accreditation for drug and alcohol testing. This means you can be confident that your drug and alcohol test will be legally defensible. We adhere to struct chain of custody protocols defined by our Network Rail standards.

Accredited laboratory facilities.

All laboratory facilities hold the industry recognised ISO 17025 standard. This provides all our clients with a service that is compliant from start to finish.

Transparency on cost.

The price quoted is the price you pay. You won’t have to pay extra costs to sample collectors or any hidden fees for drug test results. We also offer discounts for multiple test donors. Or, individuals requiring drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis.

Fast test results.

We pride ourselves on quality, but, we don’t sacrifice speed when doing so. We offer instant on-site Point of Care tests and urine laboratory screens within 48 hours. Delivery of Hair drug testing is at a best in industry lead time of 3 to 5 days. We always ensure that we will deliver your test results within agreed time frames.

Comprehensive test result package.

We have listened to our clients over the years. As a result, we have the balance right when it comes to reporting results. This includes the right amount of technical information within the results. Provision of reports are by password protected email and/or hard copy. We can also tailor the results process to suit. For example with contracted services, there is the option of a bespoke client portal.

Policy advice and post testing support.

With a strong focus on customer service, the support doesn’t end once you have your results. Extra expert advice is available when you need it. We can also provide you with drug and alcohol testing policy advice if required. Also, we provide post testing counselling support at selected drug testing clinics.