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What is a DNA testing kit?

This can be the perfect solution for taking your own DNA samples for a DNA test.

What is a DNA Testing Kit

We provide some of the best-selling DNA test kits in the UK

DNA Clinics was first formed in 2005 on the ethos of providing face to face appointments, consultation and sample collection. However, the advent of ecommerce has meant that self-collection DNA testing kits have become extremely popular in the UK. As a result, we now offer three ways you can order some of the best DNA kits in the UK.

What can DNA testing kits be used for?

Self-collection DNA test kits can only be used for peace of mind purposes. In other words, they cannot be used for legal DNA testing and must only be used for your own personal information.

However, your samples are processed and analysed in the same ISO 17025 and MOJ approved laboratory. As a result, you can be confident of the accuracy of the results for all self-collection DNA tests.

The obvious advantage of our DNA test kits is being able to collect the mouth swabs yourself in the comfort of your own home. Collecting the mouth swabs is simple and full instructions are included in the kit. Also, you can view our short DNA mouth swab demonstration video here.

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How much do self-collection DNA test kits cost?

The Boots paternity test kit costs just £19.99 directly from After this, the lab analysis fee is only £99 for the standard Boots paternity test.

Also, we offer the same paternity DNA test kit including maternity, sibling and grandparent test kits from our online store. These DNA test kits are free to order and there is no postage to pay.

Finally, all relationship test kits are available by calling 0800 988 7107 and ordering a Home DNA test kit. The cost of the kit is £20 and as an example, the home paternity test lab fee is just £99.