Family reunited through DNA Testing.

A Brighouse woman turned detective to find a long lost brother living only a few miles away.

May Gray, who lives in Whinney Hill Park, was researching her family tree on Genes Reunited when she came across the name Eric Frith, who had the same maiden name as her mum Elizabeth.

After some more research she was able to contact Eric, who lives in Wyke, and around the corner from another of his sisters Margaret.

“I had done as much as what I could of the family tree and wondered if there were any relations in Bradford,” said May. “I came across the name Eric Frith so I went to Bradford Register Office to find out the Christian name of his mother, and it was Elizabeth.

“I went to the library and I couldn’t find another Elizabeth Frith living in the area. So I went to the adoption society and they found Eric.”

May had found him two years earlier but was advised that Eric may not be in good health or may not have been told that he was adopted.

It wasn’t until May’s 70th birthday when the family got together and her son Barry asked if she had tried to contact him. “I was in two minds to contact Eric but he said go for it, so I did.”

After correspondence between Eric and May, they met with sister Margaret in July before a full family get-together in August with their other siblings Brian, Mary and Freddy.

Eric, 80, only found out he was adopted when he was 18 years old and had tried to find his mum but was using his surname Morgan and there was no record of his birth certificate.

On the moment he found out he had siblings he never knew he had, Eric said: “It was a shock.

“I thought: ‘How do you love someone you have never seen?’ It was a funny feeling but now I have a photograph at the side of my table and it can make me fill up. I do feel sorry that I have missed out on spending time with my mum, brothers and sisters.

“However, I am glad May found me as I would never have known who my mum is and have met all these lovely people.

“It’s settled my mind more than anything.”

The family contacted DNA testing firm DNA Testing Clinics in Salford to arrange a DNA test to determine whether they were indeed all related, and the results were positive.

Director Nichola McChrystal said: “We consider it a privilege to have played a part in reuniting this family.

“This case demonstrates how DNA can be used beneficially and effectively in complex situations.”


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